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01-21-2004, 02:16 AM
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Well in tonights game I thought Ribs played good and bad. He was good on the PP, very good. Man can he ever move the puck. I was watching the play develop, and I saw Ribs with the puck, and an open Ryder and was thinking he's going to pass it Ryder, but he waited a second, which I thought would have thrown off the play, but instead he made a great pass which then made it a 2-1 of sorts and a PP goal thanks to Zednik.

But on the other hand, in his own end, he had one bad giveaway (which happens to all players) but the problem I had with him on the play, was that he seemed to give up on the play in the corner, which may be a lack of confidence (this may sound dumb, but I think Ribs has just recently learned what to do in his own end. In the past, he has looked lost or confused, but now he seems to understand where he should be, and also seems to have some understanding of body positioning as well)

Overall, not a bad game, just an area of concern, but for someone who not so long ago was really bad in his own end, I think he has come a long way. His lack of strength is still my biggest concern for him, but he's on fire right now. I know may on here like the Ribs/Dags combo, but I wonder how many points Ribs would have with Balej or Pleks on his wing instead. Just a thought

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