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11-09-2013, 06:06 PM
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Wolves at Charlotte Checkers again.

Starting lineup:

Allen (5-3-1, 2.31GAA)

David Shields is 2nd in scoring for the Wolves with 7 points in 12 games.

Locke-Bolduc-Mancari play together.

Wolves players clogging the high slot well. Very good blue line play so far.

Andronov terrible backward pass in the defensive zone and saved by the post.

Shattock-Cannone-Jaskin look pretty good together.

Locke and Bolduc have chemistry and Edmundson stepping up to keep the puck deep.

What looks like the 4th line just played very poor defense after a line shift and gave up a goal. Andronov floating again. Not moving his feet. Hitch would say he is not stopping on the puck. Davies missed a chip out. Davies-C. Hanson-Andronov. Fairchild-Regner on the ice for that goal. Fairchild was active, but Andronov lost his man.

1-0 Checkers

Defense pairings:

1st PP unit:

Fairchild on 2nd PP unit did very good job as QB, but Jaskin lost his man for a SH chance.

Wow! When Andronov decides to play he is difficult to stop. Just had a very solid shift and was forceful.

Great keep in by Shields!

Rattie looks a little off, but Shattock and Jaskin play well together. Digging Shattock.

Late in the period, Checkers swarming and Andronov standing around in his own zone waiting for a vulture bit. He got one and then dangled the Wolves to an offside.

Fairchild looks good.

Wolves attack in waves, but Muse is decent goalie.

Checker goaltender Muse has been outstanding.

1st intermission

2nd period start

Fairchild and Jaskin work well on the PP.

Shields stepped up in offensive zone and Rattie did a good job of covering, while getting himself open.

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