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11-09-2013, 10:24 PM
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resigning my tier 2 membership

hi my name is Tristram and im an oiler fan.

hi everyone, I have enjoyed reading you posts for years. Hf boards is part of my daily reading. Some of you will judge me and some may understand. I have decided to cheer for another team and abdicate my tier 2 fandom of the oil. i can no longer identify with this organization. Here are my ramblings and reasons from a deranged and abused fan.
First of, if you do not understand what i mean when i say this is NOT year 3-4 whatever of a rebuild, you dont have the right to judge me. We have been rebuilding since we traded Mess. If you werent sold on future kids like reisen and swanson you dont know the suffering i have known. Im 39, cheered for this team for 33 years. Sather sold us on 5 year plans too.
This team has no loyalty. This team has no character. This team takes talented kids and i mean kids and systematically ruins them. This isnt new, Dan cleary,jason arnott, whitney..... the list goes on and on.
In the 90s we had an identity, we couldnt afford the big tickets, but we had grit, were hard to play against...we even had modest success. As a lifelong construction worker i could identify with this.
i loved my Oilers. loved them. we missed the playoffs more often than not but we were always close.
i loved players like grier, ethan, bobo, but we lacked skill. We played a great team game, just couldnt convert on the chances like the top teams.
Fast fwd to this team.........i hate them. They are lazy, cocky, have never won anything and make 6 mil. it makes me want to puke every time i see a kid get run and vets like hemsky or smyth just skate away to the bench, but honestly id do the same. Even our so called grinders wear race car numbers and have flowing hair, as if they think they are jaromir or something. Management doesnt just fire coaches, they betray them, leave their assistants in place because its a job for life, and force the new guy to work with the old guys guys. but they arent even the last coaches guys.......they hire quinn and renney, stab quinn in the back and give it to renney, kruegar is the assistant, then rinse and repeat. its not just firing its betrayal and it makes me sick. now we have a coach who has yet to prove himself treating guys in the media who have been there for 40 yrs like hes on the biggest bloody arrogant.
Kevin Lowes a wimp, he doesnt want to be responsible for his actions, so he hires patsy gms but hes clearly involved. His comments about winning are rediculous. Guys, what if we signed vanek or heatly??meanwhile a young player who had success with a big centre naned brodziak sits at home waiting for a call. Glencross. we humuliated ourselves. Our owner is a recluse billionaire in what i think is about the sleaziest industry we have. pharmaceuticals. he basically ransomed the city to get an idiotic design of a building. That thing will cost 2x what they are saying and katz wont be paying.
they disregard the fan, we are done with 80s oiler hires and they know this, yet they hire messier.
they think we are stupid. they think we will always be here.
im not a big fan of smid, but trading a big dman when we so badly need size and grit, is beyond stupid. signing a goalie who openly mocks your organizations fanbase?He is possibly the biggest blithering idiot that ive ever seen clips of.
Imagine for a second your a fan of another team......what a treat it would be to watch this pompous group fail every year so badly. ive coached for almost 10 yrs, just minor hockey. how come i know that yakupov is your best option on the hash marks on the pp, how many goals did he score from stamkos territory last year?? we had a GREAT pp last year... so what do we do? put the best finisher on the pp out of position or in the press box.
And finally...... GAGNER. how do we let someone play centre for us for 5 yrs but dont hold him accountable for zero backchecking.
some of you will say good riddance and some of you are right behind me... but remember i hung in here for over 30 yrs. I cant identify with this team

so im done. f u K lowe and d katz.

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