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11-09-2013, 11:36 PM
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I hear ya brother. I suppose my wife & I would fall under the "Tier 1" group, (which I think is a total load of crap) simply because we have and have had season tickets for many years. I suffered thru the Toronto game with my son then the Wings game with my wife. On the way home I told her I'm done driving all that way to watch this BS.
Until I see them make a significant trade IE:
One or more of the big guns has to be moved in order to get bigger and stronger up front
Another major piece has to be sent out to vastly improve our defence
Until that time our seats will remain empty. Next Friday I've agreed to help out with the local Santa Parade in town, might be kind of nice to see a bunch of kids having fun instead of a bunch of kids at Rexall mailing in another **** poor performance.
Oh Yeah and Dallas Eakins: Sorry dude you are in way over your head in the NHL much like when you kept trying to make it as a player. If management would have spent as much energy attracting a true NHL coach over the past few years ala Hitchcock, Ruff, Torts, et al instead of chasing the Heatlys and Hossa's maybe we'd be in a better place.
As for Katz I'm sure he could care less weather they win or lose as long as that damn arena gets built. He stands to make so much money from that deal and the surrounding development that the Oilers are nothing more than a tool to him. Disgraceful!!

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