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11-10-2013, 01:40 AM
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Originally Posted by GoOilers View Post
We will miss your posts that have supported your team (last post before today , 2012)
A true fan , the whole board is weeping, as one of their own..... Has finally had enough.
Sorry but if you need to announce to the world you are no longer a fan, you never were.
I can't figure out when this board became a joke until the pacifists for the organization called the Oilers called out their fellow fans who question a team that is continually spinning its wheels. Hmm, the fans are turning against a team that is now even worse than the teams in the last couple of years. Hmm this same team is second last in the league after 18 games, another dubious record. Hmm, their pp and pk stink compared to last year, yet us fans I guess are the stupid ones for not believing MacT and Lowes masterplan. Hmmm, who could believe Eakins is not really a puppet considering he was forced to take on(don't give me b.s. that smith and buchberger are the two best assistants in the league) smith and buchberger. Hmm the team keeps preaching patience yet this year the only team worse than us is Buffalo. So in other words, keep buying the crap the fans are being fed by one of the most incompetent teams in sports right now. You like the pablum, I don't. The liquor sufficed for some for a quite a long time, apathy is now setting in and there is a very good chance the Oilers will lose money.

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