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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
I think people (fans and especially fans on HF) think our players have more value than they actually hold. THis is why people are frustrated. They were sold this idea that this team was ready to charge out of the gate and compete and CONTEND. I dont remember MacT ever saying this and certainly by his aggressive manner in the off season going at teams with trade talks i can guess he saw lots of holes in this organization and NHL team. This team is going to take some time but is already better than the Tambo squad. I just dont get why people can give up now. personally i dont find the entertaining right now but they will be when they have a proper goaltender. The Oilers of the 90s were exciting because when they got Cujo they knew they could take the risks and WIN. It was a team that plaayed firewagon hockey even when they had Gage and Pokey in net. and lost games 7-4. When they got solid goaltending they all of a sudden won games 5-3, 4-2. This team though has more pressure and their balloon is shot every bad goal and whiff by their seive goalies.

I said it after the pre-season, that the organization was extremely weak in pretty much every position and that in 10 games people were going to be screaming for Eakins head. Most people on the boards will say they watch lots of other teams play and then defend Dubnyk... a guy the media has subtley mocked since last year (because they watch all teams) or they defend Smid or Petry or Gagner. These players are what they are, which in most cases is players that have been put above their talent level because of poor management. Smid and Petry are NEVER going to be top pair dmen. Dubnyk is NEVER going to be a starter that takes you to the prmised land. Gagner is never going to be a top CENTRE on a contender.

Since his hiring, nay...BEFORE his hiring, I have and continue to have faith in MACT getting the job done. My big speeches after the pre-season was to try to knock some people off their high horse with reality before reality did it more abusively. I have also preached patience. As sick as i am about that word its a fact of our position and the difference this time is the faith i have that our manager knows how to build a team, and an organization.

This will no longer be a place where you will get by because you are a good guy and you put your work in. If we arent seeing results and can get the same minutes from somone else...than consider yourself very expendible.

Smid is gone because the depth in the organization was terrible at goal and at centre. When i heard about the Smid trade a buddy described it at work to me moments after it was announced via twitter... as "Smid was just traded for 2 lousy prospects from Calgary"... without having known any rumors or the story i predicted outloud who the 2 prospects were. The Oilers have had a severe hard on, and have alot of familiarity and comfort with Brossoit. Our goaltending is terrible and Roy who was once thought to be a blue-chip prospect is not impressing Oielrs staff anymore and it was no secret they didnt see an nhl future for him (even as a backup). Horak is a player that will never reach his scoring output of his junior careeer but he already had a great two way game as a centre and reads plays well. he is normally paired, at the pro level, with plugs and grinders who dont have much finish (which to me showcases his abilities less). He wont be a top 2 centre on a good team... he WILL be a quality two way bottom 6 centre.

Both of these players fill NEEDS in this organization. They are a goaltender and a bottom 6 centre that the team has alot of faith in and are a more polished prospect to assess than junior players you pick on draft day.

ultimately Smid is gone because of 3 reasons. 1 Dubnyk has sucked the bed so badly that the Oilers indeed HAD TO make a move so they could tread water rather than continue as the laughing stock of the league. He has sucked so badly that when the team has played good and did good things in the system THEY TOOK A LOSS fROM THE CLUTCHES OF A WIN. Goaltending has been ATROCIOUS. Not even BEER LEAGUE WORTHY. If this team is going to gain any confidence in their system they have to stop diverging from it because they are freaked out that Dubnyk is back there and the next whiffer is going to go in at any moment. Smid is moved to get a replacement for Dubes (kiss of death from MacT). You will find that with MacT, if he has to go out and acquire a player BECAUSE YOU CANT DO YOUR JOB.... HE WILL NOT BE KEEPING YOU. Dubnyk is as good as gone(prediction, as i predicted MacT to release Peckham who he pointed out made the Oilers spend an asset to acquire Fistric because Theo came to camp not ready and lost his job). Reason 2 is Smid actually has value, he isnt a top defenseman but he is very consistent at being the player he is. Teams know what they will get from Smid. Reason 3... we need cap space to sign a player and have more room in the moves coming. Cap space is probably MacTs biggest asset as a rookie GM. GMs can play hardball with him but the more cap space he can make himself the more he forces GMs to come to him when deals are available. We have also improved our centre prospects and goaltendding in the organizational depth. One more reason is Smid, under Eakins isnt getting 3.5/3.8M dollars worth of ice time, he is not as integral in the Eakins system. MacT works WITH the coaching staff, something Lowe failed to do after 2007. He sees needs, and then he sees players who are not given roles they are paid to play (losing their jobs/icetime/roles). A job of a GM is to hire a coach, and then support the coach and his system by his player moves. MacT moving Smid, is moving a dman who wasnt seen as important by the coach as his paycheck might hint at.

This is a TERRIBLE goaltending team. Just god awful. There is hardly a point of even going out on the ice to compete when you have goalies that teams laugh at and their obvious game plan is to shoot from anywhere and every where because the goaltending is known to be so laughable.

MacT is doing the job of a manager. I said it this summer, i said it after our `successful`pre-season when everryone was orgasming and I said it 8 games in when predictably fans were calling for Eakins head and turning on Yaks, and I will say it again NOW. People werent looking at this team with clear vision, they were pushing this team based on a time line of other teams, they were oblivious of the lack of depth, they applauded lots of competition(in camp)...without seeing that that competition wasnt NHL competition and thus a precursor, they immediately wrote players in and expected better years for everyone , better years than any had perform yet or matches to career highsl. They predicted a coach changing food on press room table could implement systems within 10-20 games while their goalie crapped the bed and made the skaters play on egg shells. This is reality. This team neeeded work this spring, it still needs work, this year will be over and it WILL STILL Need work. This isnt a surprise. Buy in. YOu have a GM doing something. You have a GM getting specific players and prospects to fill specific needs. You dont have a guy hoping a square peg can adapt to aa circular hole.

Incse people havent been paying attention, since MacT took over he has been going after goalies. He can verbally pat Dubnyks back and be nice on record... but Dubnyk is not going to be here next year. If there was any doubt Devan has taken care of that himself. This team, and MacT knows it first hand, needs goaltending before it can ever play to its abilities with confidence.
So, bottom line, you think MacT is now starting the rebuild over but starting from the net this time? So, what, another 5-7 year rebuild? LOL..You'd have to be insane to think that Oil fans can be fooled again. Once was bad enough.
And with Calgary's throwaway goalie who was their 4th best goaltending prospect? The only *** reason Brossoit is even a prospect for the Oil is because they have no one else. LOL..
...Some funny stuff right there.

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