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11-10-2013, 02:24 AM
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Originally Posted by oilinblood View Post
the main problem in my mind is Tambo. We wasted alot of years with Tambos rebuild and are now expecting to make big strides... but HE DID NOTHING> This is what blows my mind. How can people be surprised? WE HAVE NOTHING... !!!!!!!NOTHING >>!!!!!!!!. to show from 3 ENTIRE FN YEARS except developing DRAFT PICKS!!!!! How are you actually surprised thyat we need so many changes? Was the AHL talent competition show of training camp not enough of a hint? MY god man. I can understand people are losing patience but unfortunately that laast 3 years accomplished nothing except for our top picks. THAT IS THE TESTIMENT TO HOW BAD TAMBO WAS. We never got the veterans this team needed to move forward with, during his tenure. That is why we are behind comparisons of Chicago. Guys like Gordon, a specific need, and Ference, a specific need... and Perron, a specific need were all gained this year and still we have huge lackings and holes which need to be remedied to get the best out of those 3. I would say that 2 of those 3 guys have been our top two players this season, despite new surroundings and all the adjustments they have had to make and this incredibly young and learning team. Gordon has been my MVP so far this year and has done it all.
So being in last place in the Western Conference gives you confidence in the management of this club, enough said. Tambo was hired by Lowe who hired MacT who SURPRISELY is getting schooled by the NHL. Yeah, I can't see why many people don't have confidence in this regime. Maybe the next coach can hire his own guys, to me that would be the first indication this team gives a &**() about winning.

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