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11-10-2013, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Oilfan2 View Post
So, bottom line, you think MacT is now starting the rebuild over but starting from the net this time? So, what, another 5-7 year rebuild? LOL..You'd have to be insane to think that Oil fans can be fooled again. Once was bad enough.
And with Calgary's throwaway goalie who was their 4th best goaltending prospect? The only *** reason Brossoit is even a prospect for the Oil is because they have no one else. LOL..
...Some funny stuff right there.
What did Tambos rebuild do? Tell me. Who was the long term piece we built around? Who? IN three years what were his pieces for our future?

Eager? Bellanger? Horcoff? Dubnyk?

What were his big trades? Do you think he had really any idea of what those players were like? I dont, even for a second, think that guy had an ounce of hockey IQ. Its easy to take care of logistics for team canada and make all the arrangements when Kevin Lowe and Gretzky are telling you what to do. This is why Vancouver hired people below him for the GM position in vancouver and gave him the big finger and wave bye after 15 years invested in that group. He is terrible.
THe Oilers got noting from 3 ENTIRE FN YEARS under Tambo. That is beyond magnificent in its failure. That is the absolute definition of impotent.

In my opinion we wasted those 3 years. I stated it time and time again. MacT revamping the majority of our lineup and saying the job wasnt even close to done is basically saying everything thhe league already knew. MacT inherited a beaten down estate that had a nice fence and front lawn statues but really had no foundation and the house was all cards.

Take the shots at me all you want but i wasnt a sucker who believe in tweedledum. It was obvious to the entire hockey world this team didnt have the right pieces and was terribly managed. the standings showed right and had it been an 82 game season last year we would have finished last again.

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