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Originally Posted by hmminvisiblecola1279 View Post
So being in last place in the Western Conference gives you confidence in the management of this club, enough said. Tambo was hired by Lowe who hired MacT who SURPRISELY is getting schooled by the NHL. Yeah, I can't see why many people don't have confidence in this regime. Maybe the next coach can hire his own guys, to me that would be the first indication this team gives a &**() about winning.
my confidence is found in the fact MacT is targetting the players we need to acquire and waiting until we wont be fleeced in a trade. As much as people will yap about Smid being a fleeced trade he wasnt getting ice time in the new system and dubnyks failures combined with Smid not fitting the new system made him the odd man out. We also have too many leftys. Smid just wasnt going to be that top pairing guy. Its not done.

In return we got two prospects that were coveted by the Oilers. Its better than a mid 2nd rounder which would be Smids market value IMHO.

MacT said most of the defence had to over hauled AND goaltending was an issue (he patted Dubnyk on the back just incase he couldnt acquire one but all summer he worked to get his goalie), and he also said our bottom 6 had to change.

You cant change a 30th place team in one off season, especially if you have the knowledge to go after only specific targets. Dont be fooled by the AHL head start in a 48 game partial season, this team was a last place squad last year as well.

I am not defending Lowe, nor is MacT. One of MacTs classic moments was playing Smyth as a centre because Lowe hadnt re-signed Reasoner and then traded Stoll and Horcoff was our only cnetre left. He was asked why Smyth would play centre... his response; because our organization has only 2 centres now (Horc being one of them). Just because you pay a guy 5.5 M cap doesnt mean you pretend he fills 2 or 3 roles to try to make yourself look good. you dont put your fantastical dreams of what a player could be on their shoulders (***ahem ...shoulders) when they have proven they are not that image you created. You also dont just sit on your laurels to try to save face when that player shatters your insane vision. Lowe has a long track record of taking things personally and i deeply believe he saw a contract in horcoff that he had to see succeed and in order to do that Horcoff had to be something we never saw hint of. anyone who has been a fan during Lowes tenure knows this is all true.

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