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Originally Posted by deeshamrock View Post

Please bro, all that a leader does is tell the guys to give it their all. And if it's a good leader, the guys listen. If it's a bad leader, the guys turn their backs and don't give an effort. There aren't really any impactful speeches that players give in the locker room. Sure, they may talk to the team and get them back on course, but there's no MLK type **** going on. You've been watching Miracle too much. Stick to Slapshot.
First of all, I am not a 'bro', I'm a female fan. And my statement regarding leadership is not based on a movie, why would it be? Dumb comment on your part.
It's based on why teams win, and continue to win. You can't make somebody do something by 'telling them.' Showing them, by what level you compete at, esp in critical games , putting up the points when the teams needs that goal or blocked shot, or any critical play, is why certain players are known for their leadership. They're 'money players'
And Richards is that guy, or he wouldn't have more team trophy hardware then anybody in the sport. (NHL Aug 2012' mike Richards is the only player in the history of the NHL whose won a championship at eveyr level.) With the Flyers, he won them a Calder cup , got them to 2 Cond Finals and SCF just after he turned 25. they trade him and the new team, the Kings, get to 2 WCF's and SCF.
He gets it done by putting his blood ,sweat and guts into every shift and scoring when it 's needed, he has (NBC June 2013) more playoff points since 2010 than any other NHL player

A real leader doesn't 'tell a guy to give it their all' as you ineptly pointed out. You don't tell somebody do that, you go out and do it yourself, shift and shift, busting your tail and getting it done. Leaders lead...teammates follow...and so do championships

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