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12-20-2006, 09:58 AM
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Originally Posted by gobolt7 View Post
After watching the 3rd period "effort" that this team has put forward tonight, I can only come to one conclusion. This team either has no heart, or this coaching staff does not have them mentally prepared to go for a full 60 minutes. This falls on two people, Feaster and Torterella. I am of the belief that it is time to consider a full scale change at the top.

Feasters quote about the coaches not becoming stupid may be true to an extent, but at the same time, other coaches have become smarter, and after the past two years, I think there is a blueprint out there to defend this system. I think thatís why a change is needed. This coaching staffís blind faith in the system and in some of the key components of this system are driving this team right into the ground. Lets be honest here folks, the window on our big three is not going to be open forever. Then, when things do go south, the current regime hides behind the false pretense that the system of meritocracy exists here, and sticks someone in the press box when they have one bad night, as opposed to rewarding players that are hurting our team night after night with more playing time.

With the payroll scraping at the cap ceiling as it is right now, if these guys donít make a deep run at the playoffs, it has been well documented that the wallet will be closed and that the payroll will be slashed. I am not sure if any of you have thought about what that means, but we are looking at a full scale rebuild if that happens. That will most likely start with our big three. That is why I am in favor of starting at the top and changing front office personal. Our big 3 are not the problem, but if the mandate comes down to rebuild, they will be the first out the door.

I just think that we have seen enough disinterested, lazy, uninspired pay that a change has to be made. We did not deserve this win tonight. Not with the way they played in the third period. With all due respect to Washington, with a lot of other teams in the east, we lose tonight.

I'm thinking flogging will do it...not tennis balls. But I'm old-school like that.
I had the Vs telecast of the Blues-Penguins game (Blues won! Blues won!) on PiP and with about 3 min left in the 3rd the commentator mentioned that the Penguins fans were leaving because they didn't see the Penguins scoring the 3 goals needed to force OT. I thought, "Yeah, I'm ready to leave the Lightning Game".

Marc...duuuuude...come on! I mean... We need to talk.

Speaking of Inside the Lightning, Marty's glasses! I'm sorry, I just have this thing about men in glasses. Seriously...the Chief's playing-days photos were worth the price of admission.

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