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11-10-2013, 09:33 AM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post
Another table that goes back to 1967...

Hey, the Red Sox have won the 4th most World Series'. They must have had no problems whatsoever with ownership and management over the past 110 years.
What was the drastic change in ownership and management that preceded their 2004 World Series? I don't remember one. I remember Curt Schilling, that's about it, though.

For how long have the Flyers needed a fresh perspective? Since 2012? 2005? Surely not longer than that, if they need one at all..

This team is still in the mix thanks to the weak division (so far) this year, and they have the talent to salvage the season. Would Snider and Holmgren be exonerated, in your eyes, if they won a round or two in the playoffs?

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