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11-10-2013, 10:27 AM
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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
To be fair, the concept of "opportunity cost" is an advanced one, an abstract one, and I think the average Joe Blow on the street wouldn't get it. You should not be shaking your head. If anything, people should be shaking their head at you because you are (incorrectly) assuming that this is a concept most people would understand.


David Desharnais is -2 after 16 games. He gets good wingers, He has 1 point. He has very easy minutes, his 5on5 Corsi Rel QoC is -0.500, compared to 0.727 for Eller and +1.269 for Plekanec. He also plays 1:31 of PP time per game, for 24:28 of total power play time.

Given these situations, even if Desharnais was a completely average, vanilla player who contributed nothing more than filling up space at average league skill and average league salary, he would have 5-10 points. He is playing in the 15 minutes a game where the team needs to score, because the other 45 minutes are harder. Therefore, if Desharnais is producing anything less than 5-10 points, he is detrimental to the team. Further, he should be ~+3, not -2.
What we are talking about is the amount of damage caused by DD being useless on the ice vs Cube gift wrapping the puck to the opposition, directly leading to goals. If a line that doesn't score during a game is considered a cause of losing a game then there is a whole whack of players who are consistently losing games for their teams...heck, every player would be considered causing loses for their team because the grand majority of players don't get points per game. Yes, DD not generating any offence does mean the team loses some games, no question. But Cube being directly responsible for gift wrapping goals to the opponent, I think, causes way more loses of games.
Now I understand DD's uselessness is ALL DD's fault while Cubes causing so much damage is more about MT's bench management (+ injuries), but still, as of now, Cube is causing more harm than DD (not that, that's saying much considering both of them are dragging the team into a black hole but still...).

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