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Originally Posted by 101st_fan View Post
4-4-1 with Peks, 4-2-1 with Hutton. A statement of fact is not necessarily a suggestion of how things would play out over a full season, but feel free to read in as much as you want.

If your suggested answer is a goalie who doesn't give up rebounds, that eliminates most guys left on the free agent pile at this point. Actually, it eliminated most veterans on the market this summer as well which partially explains the decision to go with Hutton.

Even Crispy noticed the defensive breakdowns last night. What I keep noticing is poor recognition and execution in our defensive zone. Guys aren't sticking with their man, aren't recognizing how the play is developing, and the result is repeated wide open chances. Last night we left Setoguchi and Jokinen alone in the slot. Earlier in this road trip it was Morris, Muzzin or the breakdowns leading to all four Avs goals on the rush.
You are stating "facts" to indicate something. You are attempting to lead a discussion. To deny that is silly.

Pekka Rinne is in a completely different class than Carter Hutton. To even postulate that this is not true, is outlandish. To postulate that this team is better or has been better with Hutton in net, is equally outlandish.

Hutton has poor rebound control. A poor glove hand. Mediocre positioning. Bad puck handling. He also has not shown the ability to make ANY big saves which is why we are getting crushed in GAA and save percentage.

The team made defensive lapses and played a poor game in Winipeg - I agree. However, this hasn't been the case in many of the other games. If every mistake costs you a goal, then your goalie is breaking your back. At some point, a goalie has to make the big save, and the offense has to be able to have reassurances that they can attack in the offensive zone. I would further put forth that Hutton has let in several very weak goals on top of being unable to make the crucial big save.

I know you know all of this, and I think you agree with probably every point I am making. I get that you are trying to sell that Hutton isn't as bad as some make him out to be, and that we probably lose that game irregardless of who is in net. You are probably right. But, I truly believe this team wins the Coyotes game, and probably even scores a goal or competes differently in the WPG game with Rinne in net. We just are a better, more confident team. Teams play us differently and attack us differently.

Now, with that off the table, I am not sold on the system or construction of this team. I think this is Trotz and Poile's master team, but I think it is an improperly built roster. Time will tell, and I will await the results likely in the playoffs.

My opinion: We desperately need the young forwards to continue to develop. We desperately need Legwand to continue his resurgence in a true offensive role. We need the dynamic PP we have had at times. Otherwise, the transitional game, offensive zone play, and breakout game continues to be mind-numbingly bad from a talent to performance or even executional standpoint.

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