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11-10-2013, 12:00 PM
Lionel Mandrake
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Ideally, if there's benefit in playing plekanec and eller more(to a degree, there should be unless it's fatigue related), just play Desharnais less and keep white in his 4th line spot.

DD's head on a stick won't help the team unless they have an alternative, they don't.
They have plenty of alternatives once the injured players come back though, so this is when we'll see if they can adjust. Dumont and Leblanc are natural centers, and Prust has been used in that role before. Same for Briere. I'm assuming at least one of them could fill in at center with limited ice time on a 4th line and not look out of place. Then there are trades. Defensively responsible 4th liners are not a hard find nor do they cost a ton. This is all assuming they are ready to play Galchenyuk at center, which I think they should, with the same kind of easy minutes Desharnais is getting. He won't look any worse than Desharnais and actually has upside.

Besides, it's not like Desharnais is so good defensively that you can't replace him with a player who doesn't yet fully master the defensive game of the center position. He needs to get the opportunity to grow in this role sooner than later.

Pacioretty Plekanec Gionta
Bournival Eller Gallagher
Bourque Galchenyuk Briere
Moen Prust White

I don't see how you can insert Desharnais in this lineup, even if he starts producing a little, and not weaken the team. This top-9 is composed of better and more effective hockey players. I don't see how this can end well for Desharnais unfortunatelly unless he has some kind of miracle turnaround.