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11-10-2013, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by haseoke39 View Post
I think you're looking for a precise answer to a question that it's unfair to expect one from.
Its quite fair to ask posters that keep asserting with confidence that this will be our path to success the next 4 or 5 years. What are they basing it on? Development of our current prospects? Or what I think they are basing it on, us hitting the jackpot in the next two drafts. I don't need specifics on the when it will happen (the surge towards success) but the why is definitely a fair question to ask.

The "timeline" is guesswork, and it's loose. We could start improving sooner. We could improve later.
No kidding and its why I find the timelines to be so comical.

The central concept is one that's about as solid a strategy of team building as I can imagine: stockpile a horde of first and second rounders, with a smattering of top ten picks in there, wait and watch them become competitive in their early 20s. If there's a generic path to success in the NHL that's more reliable than that one, I don't know what it is. It certainly isn't to rely on trades and FA.
The Sabres stockpiling picks is a great start to a team building strategy. But to think we are going to just sit back and wait for them develop into a Cup contender is pure silliness. No Cup team was ever built in such a fashion. The key to success is what Regier does with all these assets (picks/prospects) going forward to augment the roster with pieces we need. Every team needs some trades and UFA signings to build their Cup teams. The draft can definitely give a team a strong base to work from and it has already done that for us. If we are successful in turning things around. It will be due to the young players already on the roster and the prospects already in the system. But to add every piece we will need, trades and UFA will need to be utilized. Although I think the UFA path would most likely be for minor adds. I can only see trades as a an option for bigger pieces.

You might say, "that's BS, because you can't pretend to plan 5 years out with such a loose conception of what will happen year to year." But I would counter that that line of thinking applies to every team building strategy. I've never heard a five year plan in the NHL that could rationalize why things would happen in year 4 that hadn't happened in year 3. You're taking a criticism that could apply to any long term team building strategy and putting it on one you oppose. You might be able to take that line of thinking and convince people that they don't really know what 2018 will be like, but that isn't hard. What you haven't done is convinced folks that, just because they can't reliably forecast the next five years, their team building strategy is bad.
No idea what you point is here. I'm not arguing against the path the Sabres have taken just the simplistic timelines some cling to as the definitive road to success. I want to know why the feel so confident as I explained above. What are the specific things that will take place that gives them confidence?

As for Rolston being the wrong guy to develop these players, I suspect you're right. But I'll also allow that the first 20 games of our prospects careers is hard to judge anything on, and from the outside, we don't have any idea what he's trying to teach them, either.
His coaching is very easy to judge. He has no structure to the lines, not idea on how to properly deploy certain lines and players. There is accountability to some a extent but its not always very logical and everyone isn't held to the same standard. He also isn't given players clearly defined roles to assist their development and chances at success. There are numerous examples.

I don't think the world is ending with the prospects or that they are going to be ruined btw. But they are having their development time in the NHL this year wasted while Rolston is at the helm.

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