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01-21-2004, 09:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Habs
I've never liked the fact that if you win your division, you get a playoff spot regardless.

Teams with less points make the playoffs, and take a playoff spot from clubs who are better statistically. The Southeast division drives me nuts.

You like the format?

Also, would you like to see the league go back to the old system, where the top 16 teams make the playoffs, and play from that format? No East vs West Champion, but rather a 1vs 16 battle?

Would it be refreshing to see different clubs play each other in the playoffs for you?
I agree, I don't like the fact that a division winner automatically gets a top 3 playoff spot. It's stupid. Right now the Southeast is the problem, but it's a problem that will continually arise. I would rather see just the top eigth period.

I've often thought if they should go to top 16 in the entire league but then they would have to go to a balanced schedule (I guess they wouldn't have to but it wouldn't make much sense to have a regular season where you play inside your confrence more often than not and then a post season that doesn't take confrence play into consideration.) and that would cost teams alot more in travel, so......

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