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01-21-2004, 08:41 AM
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Bill Watters is an absolute moron.

I was watching CTV Sportsnet the other night and he and Kypreos were arguing about the stupidest thing. Watters was essentially saying that Daniel Alfredsson sucks, and that the Sens shouldn't resign him, that he isn't half the player Sundin and that a pylon could score twenty goals in Alfie's place.

The guy is an absolute tool.

But if you are going to show that he's a bloody tool, don't use the whole "man who thinks Robert Reichel is one of the most underrated players in hockey." Because he is. There is no co-incidence that when Reichel went down, this team started playing poorly. Now it is because of the fact that many others were out and this team just couldn't get over the hurdle, but Reichel is imporant to this team. He's the Leafs best penalty killer, he works hard every game, and he creates some offense. Is his contract worthy? No, no it definitely is not. But is he a useless player like people seem to believe? No.

If you are going to show Watters is a baffoon, at least use the Kidd example or the whole Alfie thing or anything else this man has ever said.

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