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Originally Posted by Leafs at Knight View Post
So I already have a PS4 ordered on Amazon that said it's coming Monday, and just found out I don't have morning class Friday. I'm tempted to go to midnight launch... Is there somewhere where I can check which stores are doing it and how many consoles they'll have ?
The only stores i'm sure on are Futureshops.

They have a few stores across Canada with 250 extra (for midnight launches... but really there's like 5 in Canada)... then ALL the other futureshops in Canada have 25 extra for 8 AM launches on Friday.

I MIGHT do a day-one launch as well similar to the 360 one I did years ago but will try Superstore like I did then. Am going to check tomorrow with them on their stock because they open earlier than Futureshop (6-7AM depending on the store) and are usually not as busy.

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