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11-10-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
So in other words...exactly like i said? They traded more than they got back, but it is not as lopsided as you are making it out to be. Two more first rounders, four more seconds, the same thirds, two more fourths, two more fifths, the same sixths, and two less sevenths. In total, eight more picks were traded than received.

Two of the five firsts traded were for Pronger. Another first (and a third) was for Versteeg in a deal that was made when the team appeared relatively close to making a run for the Cup. Another went for the rights to Hartnell and Timonen. A second got them Mez, who but for the injuries was a solid pickup. Another second went for Biron who was a solid starter for a year or two. Another second (and a third) went for Grossmann, who has been pretty good for this team, no? A third went for Mason. Another third went in a deal that brought Jason Smith and Joffrey Lupul back.

Another first went for Eminger. A second went for Carcillo. Another second went for Kubina.

So yeah, some of the trades were bad. Some were good. And some were "meh." But I guess that Eminger, Carcillo, and Kubina deal outweigh bringing in two captains, a starting goalie, a top pairing guy, a 30 goal scorer, and some other garbage.

I guess you are right. I would rather have had first round picks than these guys.

Oh, he was? Ok. That makes sense. This is a great vague response that doesn't really mean anything and there is no way to refute it other than to say, "nuh-uh!" But you are probably right. I bet in all those trades no one else was interested and the team just tricked Homer!


Haha. The classic Holmgren attack! He got lucky! It was obvious! No way he knew what he was doing!

What should have Holmgren paid for him? He was a sub 25 year old who scored 20+ goals in back to back seasons and was under contract for another year. What's the going price tag for that? A second and a third? Just a third? Just a second? What would you trade Matt Read for? That is a pretty close analogue, no? Read is older but probably a little more complete. Would you take less than a first and third for him? (Now you say MATT READ IS WAY BETTER THAN VERSTEEG WAS WHEN WE TRADED FOR HIM).

Really just because of injuries though. Before he went down he was clearly worth that 2nd rounder. Can't fault Homer for guys getting injured.
My mind is truly blown that you can look the state of the prospect pool and still believe that 3-4 straight years of having no meaningful draft picks had marginal impact. Especially since we have to nuke the team because said draft pool was so empty we could call nobody up to fill any spots whatsoever and were looking like FA and trades were the only possible options, with FA beign unfeasible because of the cap situation.

It comes off as revisionism at this point. Like you're trying to convince us things weren't as bad as they were. Sorry, my memory is better than that. There's a reason we knew going into the 2011 season that major parts of the team were being shipped out due to sheer necessity.

That reason: years of aggressive building, poor cap management, trading away picks and young players and prospects had left the team in an untenable situation where there were more holes to fill than could be filled from within or via FA. The point had been reached where adding to the team without breaking it apart wasn't an option.

Somehow, most teams manage to avoid this fate.

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