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11-10-2013, 01:22 PM
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Originally Posted by camper View Post
Leaders lead by sacrificing their bodies….when whole lines go without a hit or muster 1 hit per line per game after game theres a problem…this is happening often with the top lines yet other teams top lines rack up 4-6 hits a game at a minimum playing us.
Guess its a case of not my job!…..well theres fools out there that will tell you hitting is not important in the game….well believe what you will….the meek will not inherit the cup…or go to the playoffs. Two more softy's have to go off the top lines. Problem is they will be replaced with softy's…..This is not a shooting team..when they have net presence they will not shoot..always another pass. Theres plenty of warriors on the Islanders and there are plenty that are playing for their stats…they love their little tap in's untouched….Should be mandatory that if you do not register a hit a game you sit….and I don't care who you are! Accountability…leads…and makes winners.
That starts with a coaching staff that provides that kind of direction then holds everyone responsible. First thing, fix the coaching staff. Second, redo the lines so you have bangers on the top three lines. The fourth line can be filled in from Bridgeport if you need to raid the regulars there to accomplish the second task. The third step is to trade for a physical/defensively responsible defense an with experience.

All of the above depends on the owner and GM living up to putting money where mouths are.

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