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11-10-2013, 02:22 PM
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Originally Posted by cyclones22 View Post
No, there's absolutely no dispute at this point there is a loser. It's the Flyers. This ain't fantasy league hockey. The Kings have been elite since Richards (and Carter) arrived. The Flyers suck. Case closed. Unless they have a great turnaround, it will be 2 consecutive years of no playoffs since the Dry Island Exodus. So yeah, 10/10 Flyers fans would trade being contenders to non-playoff also-rans. Last time I checked, there is no value in losing, which the Flyers have become adept at.

Good franchises are built on solid foundation players. Mike Richards is a great, stable foundation player to build a team on. A strong foundation brings a stable team environment. What do Simmonds and Schenn bring to the Flyers besides stats? They're not foundation players. If they are, it's no wonder their team is crumbling. The Flyers traded foundation for wood framing.
You seem very narrow-minded.

Just because Simmer and Schenn are on a bad team, doesn't make their characters less great than those on a great team.

It's funny. Most flyers fans wouldn't trade back Simmer, Schenn and a 2nd for Richards and I"m sure most kings would agree. That to me sounds like a win/win situation.

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