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11-10-2013, 03:32 PM
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Forte 1.9 yards per carry...lets give it to him with the game on the line to go get the

2 dropped Jeffery TDs, Cutler pass deflection TD inside the 5 yard line, 2 chances at a 2 point conversion, Forte TD called back.... we should have won this game.

On the bright side, Packers are screwed til or when Rodges gets back. They could be out of the playoff race if he is out for 4 weeks or more.

The rest of the games are winnable. We've got Baltimore(@ home), @ St Louis, @ Minnesota, vs Dallas(@ home), @ Cleveland, @ Philadelphia, vs Green Bay(@ home).

I am hoping we can go 11-5 or 10-6.

Lions have @ Pittsburgh, vs Tampa Bay(@ home), vs Green Bay(@ home), @ Philadelphia, vs Baltimore(@ home), vs NY Giants(@ home), @ Minnesota

They are 6-3 right now. I think they could lose against Pitt, Philly, Baltimore and NY Giants. That would make them 9-7. Most likely they win one of Baltimore/NYG...maybe 10-6 with the tie breaker. But the NFL is so unpredictable it is a waste trying to do this. The Lions are so streaky and can be so awful some times that they could lose "gimme" games. They could also win a bunch of tough ones and go 12-4 or something but that is unlikely.

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