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Originally Posted by Sore Loser View Post
He's always been placed out of his element, in my opinion. I don't think he's that bad of a defender; but what he is and will always be is a physical, ideally 2nd pairing defenseman, who is best paired with a competent defensive minded defenseman.

Throughout his career, he's been flanked by guys like Drew Doughty and James Wisniewski; who are both pretty well worthless defensively. What that's meant for him is inflated minutes and exposed weaknesses. When he played with Dalton Prout last year, the pair was very good because they worked well together. Johnson was able to chip in his offense and play a bit of a roving game; while Prout was the stay at home guy who kept opponents honest.

You people are ridiculous ... two years ago when we acquired Jack Johnson, the feeling was electric - a guy who wanted to play here and made an immediate impact in the locker room. His efforts on defense were immediately contagious and a big part of our turn-around last year. Now, 16 games into the next season, and it's either move him to forward, scratch him, or trade him.

You don't build success by dealing away or alienating competitive guys who want to play for your team.
I've never thought he was good at defence. I've at times defended him against the proposition that he is the worst in the league, but I've never said he was good at it, not even two years ago.

Put the puck on his stick behind his own net under pressure and a random AHLer would be less likely to turn it over. Put it on his stick behind the net in the o-zone and he's a dangerous scorer. I don't think there's much more to it than that.

But I'm not arguing that he would be better as a forward, though I guess he would, I'm arguing against the idea that we shouldn't experiment. I think coaches systematically undervalue experimentation.

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