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Originally Posted by LeMAD View Post
On paper, the Bulldogs are still a weak team this year, because they rely mostly on young players, St-Pierre and Blunden being the only two veterans playing a bigger role on the lineup. St-Pierre is probably the only legit first liner the have, while there's not much else in terms of offense after Leblanc and Andrighetto. The Bulldogs' offense is legitimatly bad for the AHL.

The defense is better, but again those are really young players. And goaltending is fine.

In comparison the Marlies have a better team, but only because the use a bunch of veterans like Spencer Abbott and TJ Brennan in the roster.

But clearly, the Bulldogs are not a .500 team again this year, but that's not the point anyways.
Sorry, but you do have a habit of passing judgment on prospects by stat line watching, as oppposed to watching them actually play. Collberg, for example.

Simply tossing out being 'young' is not a real argument. There are and have been many young teams in the AHL that have finished above .500.

Skill? Andrighetto is a legit 1st liner from what he's shown so far. I imagine he gets better as the year goes on. Leblanc is another one who can be a 1st liner at the AHL level on any given day. St-pierre, as you said is one as well. They're also missing a solid contributor in Thomas right now, who could have flirted with a ppg pace this year. Nystrom has shown a **** ton of skill, and aliu has been a nice surprise. And blunden is another above average (but old). We're pretty stacked at D with a top 4 of Beaulieu, tinordi, Pateryn and Nygren.

And Tokarski is no slouch.

Last time they played, Hamilton took it to toronto all night and looked like the better team. You're clearly not giving them enough credit.

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