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11-10-2013, 05:00 PM
Lets go Aves?
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If you want more bite into the ice, get a lower numbered hollow (ie. <1/2) and for less bite get higher (>1/2). Go in small increments at a time though, especially if you play. If you get a really dramatically different cut, like a 1/4 going from a 1/2, and you hate it, it takes a while to dull it enough until it can be sharpened effectively. So go by 1/8 increments. So if you want more bite, go 7/16, less go 9/16, etc.

To answer your question in the title, I use a 1/2, I tried 7/16 and I just like the balance of the amount of bite that you get with a 1/2 a little more than a 7/16.

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