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11-10-2013, 06:05 PM
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7 year rebuild.

Hiring MacTavish as GM who I actually had faith in to move this team forward. Only to see this team absolutely flounder into a laughingstock. The Smid trade is the final straw. On a soft, abysmal defensive team trading an NHL proven, still young defender who actually plays a greasy game to this team's arch rival for magic beans will haunt this team. It is a move away from competitiveness and the urgency to win now that should be driving this embarrassment.

It is hiring an unproven NHL coach who appears to be master of the sound bite but has regressed the two areas where this undersized, soft team actually excelled in - power play and penalty kill. I had Hope for Eakin and he may develop into a decent NHL coach however right now this guy is a deer caught in the headlights with a team that has not responded to his cool aide. But the team can now bask in their own glory with a lockerroom of pep talk posters instead of the Oiler pride that skilled, willed and gritted their way to winning.

This group of players have believed their press clippings and continue to demonstrate poor decision making and stubbornness (or inability) to change their approach required to win in this league. Zero compete level. Too small, not willing to go into the hard areas required to win, and injury prone. This is a bad mix that must be changed.

I've moved into apathy and here in Cowtown I'm forced to watch a team that has been gutted scrap and compete in every game, quietly build some quality prospect pipeline, and have the common sense to acquire good, young veteran NHL character pieces like Laddy Smid for pennies on the dollar.

All that promiseleaking away. The Oilers have become a joke.

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