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12-20-2006, 01:39 PM
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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan View Post
What was the league thinking about allowing this latest thing with the Dogs and the Majors. Absolutely senseless. There is a proper order of events that the league should have followed.

Burlington? If it didn't fly in Hamilton twice, what good will it be trying in Burlington?

The greater Toronto area is a black hole for Jr hockey. can't figure out why it is not embraced more in places like Brampton, Mississauga, Toronto, Hamilton, etc. It is a good product. Maybe it is not being sold well? Who knows. But it hasn't worked. A second team in Ottawa? Please.

NY state seems an obvious choice to put a team. Or how about Toledo? Grand Rapids? Flint? (these would be a good fit in a division with Windsor, Saginaw, Plymouth, Sarnia)? I don't see a Canadian market that jumps out right now.

This Icedogs - Majors thing has been an absolute fiasco, and I don't think Mississauga residents will support ANY team that plays at the Hershey Centre from now on.
I used to cover the Dogs, and even with crappy teams fans came out the first few years. People can say what they will about the city, but Mississauga fans got the shaft by repeatedly having a sub-par product, plus a revolving door coach/GM/ ownership situation. This team has absolutely no identity.
And now Melnyk thinks fans will come out to support a Toronto-based team?
Mark my words, this is going to be an absolute disaster.

As for Burlington, I cannot understand the reasoning behind this. Oshawa is the only city in the GTA that supports its OHL team. St. Mike's, Brampton and Missy are done for.
Hamilton had junior hockey before and it didn't fly, and I don't see Burlington being any different than other T.O. suburbs.
They've gotta get out of the GTA. What about North Bay? Michigan? New York State? Anything would be better.

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