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Originally Posted by thevil View Post
If you want more bite into the ice, get a lower numbered hollow (ie. <1/2) and for less bite get higher (>1/2). Go in small increments at a time though, especially if you play. If you get a really dramatically different cut, like a 1/4 going from a 1/2, and you hate it, it takes a while to dull it enough until it can be sharpened effectively. So go by 1/8 increments. So if you want more bite, go 7/16, less go 9/16, etc.

To answer your question in the title, I use a 1/2, I tried 7/16 and I just like the balance of the amount of bite that you get with a 1/2 a little more than a 7/16.
All the sharpener has to do is cross grind the blade one or two times and the blade becomes flat. You can drastically change all you want, it still wouldn't be smart though unless you're looking for a drastic change.

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