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12-20-2006, 02:08 PM
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REPORT: OK, not much of a report, I'm not that good at describing what I saw. First of all, I didn't see Franson on the ice at all. He may have gotten a few shifts here and there, but he definitely didn't play much.

Parent: What can I say? I saw him on the ice because I was looking for him, but I didn't notice him if you know what I mean. Good basic game, no mistakes, but nothing fancy either. If you ask me his game looked about the same as it did last time I saw him (last years WJC, meaning impressive defensive game), but I'm no expert.

Laakso: Scored Finland's first goal on the powerplay (against Parent and Staal no less... OK, it was a 5 on 3 PP ) and was selected as Team Finland's best player. Played with more confidence than what I've seen of him all year. He was doing everything and barely made mistakes. Zero bad mistakes. Nearly scored a second one at the final minutes through traffic, but the shot just missed the net. Price was clueless and it would've been a goal if it had hit the net. (OK, I kinda focused on Laakso, surprise surprise)

In the end, there was no question about the winner (Canada won 2-5), even though Canada got some lucky goals, but they also missed many really good chances (well, Rask made some really good saves, two of them were amazing even). The funny thing about the game was that Finland won the period where they sucked the most (Finland won the second period 1-0 even though they were outshot 8-13, the Finland outshot Canada 11-7 in the last period, but lost the period 1-3). The numbers could've easily been 1-2, hell Finland could've even won it, but they also could've also easily been down 0-5 after the first period if they didn't have Rask in the net.

EDIT: A Quote from another thread that explains why I didn't see Franson much later in the game. Apparently they benched him because:

Originally Posted by ES View Post
Franson made couple of bad passes early in the game but Finland couldn't take advantage of them.
And I remember it now, he practically gave the puck to the Finns on more than one occasion.

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