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Originally Posted by Susanna View Post
I love Finnish names. They're so cool. But anyway, back to the juniors discussion.

Questions: About what age does the average kid start playing hockey? And when do they start playing on a serious team?

Well starting to play hockey, I think at age of 3-4 would be some avarage. Or at least skating and having stick with you while smashing around puck/ball. I personally learned how to skate&going around with small stick at age of 2, but I think 3-4 is more common age.

Serious team, if you mean like going to team which is having practises and games, it's about ~6y. Youngest teams are for 6-7y old ppl, but as I did, some others want to go to team before turning 6-7, so you can go before it as well.

From 6 to like 11y ppl are normally playing just in local leagues, meanwhile just going to some cups around Finland. Then after that it turns more nation wide. Then at age of 13+ it's more or less nationwide playing in highest levels. Of course more local in lower levels.

If there is something to correct ppl, feel free, I haven't played in juniors in ages so it's just about when I were young.

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