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11-11-2013, 12:45 AM
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Man I'm sad I missed out on whatever shenanigans were going on in here over the past week.

This E. coli business is crazy. I mean, it has to find its way out of his (or someone else's) intestines and somehow end up in his operative hip, either directly or via seeding through his bloodstream. What are the odds?!?!

However it got there, at this point I just hope that first and foremost Pekka will be okay in general, and secondly that he will ever play NHL hockey again, let alone in 6-8 weeks.

We have now had one goalie go down with a rare blood clotting problem, and another with an exceedingly rare bacterial infection.

Oh and there was that one time we had a guy forced into retirement by A RASH. And let's not forget Rem Murray and his dystonia. What the heck?!

The Preds have the worst luck ever!

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