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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Nobody is talking about education, just you. BTW: Lyrical has an engineering degree. Nor is it about intelligence, though we are lucky as there are plenty of intelligent people on this board.

It is about attitude and desire. When you are severely wrong about something -- which happens to everyone, all the time -- you should reflect on it. Lyrical clearly considers this important as he is going around insulting people. It is the wrong approach, but whatever, his loss. In principal, failure can be the greatest form of education.

It would actually be very informative for the former Desharnais defenders (and sometimes Eller skeptics) to think about how and why they were wrong, and to write it out.
#1 I said you hid under a rock for 14 games. If you're offended or insulted, it's probably because it's true.

#2 You were too busy to respond but did bring up Bergevin using "character" in his sentences. How's that going for you? Is it time for self-reflection at how ridiculous that is or will you push till he gets fired after his shelf life is over like any other GM/Coach?

At no point did I insult you. What name did I call you? In fact, you responded with calling me confused and having irrational arguments after I remarked you've been in hiding regarding Eller during his slump. That's when I pointed out your irrational thread.

Still, you had time to give me a lecture from your high horse. Let me know when you realize how 'severely wrong' you were about that thread. Then maybe, your lectures will mean something.

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