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11-11-2013, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by RayP View Post
The D was great in the first half and would have kept us in the game on their own. All McCown would have had to do was just not implode, and it's a close game headed into the half. After his performance vs the Pack in Green Bay no less, I'd have confidence in him being able to move the ball and put up points at home vs the Lions.
Really? This is a huge jump to a conclusion. We have no idea how McCown would have played in the entire game but what we do know is that usually backup QB's do pretty terribly because there is a reason that none of the 30 teams have hired them as starters. And only about half the teams in the league even have competent starters!

Green Bay's defense is terrible. They got destroyed by Nick Foles, also.

Bears had a very nice running game last week to help out McCown. If he had to pass it as much as Cutler did yesterday, I doubt the results would have been particularly pleasant.

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