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11-11-2013, 09:36 AM
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Originally Posted by Gardner McKay View Post
Many of you are fortuitous enough to have an MSG broadcast every game. Every year up until this year I have had Center Ice and have had to suffer through many opposing teams broadcasts. Let me tell you this, if you saw as many awful PBP announcers as I have, you would be thankful to still have Sam.

Out of the Flyers, Pens, Devils and Islanders, Howie is the only decent one. From Washington, Joe Bennanati will make your ears bleed. Rick Jeanerette may give you a stroke. Boston's PBP will put you to sleep. Don't even get me started on the Western conference.
This a poor argument for not bettering something if the means are there to do so. Should you decline a better career because there are people in the world who are jobless? Would you tell the person offering you the new job no thanks I should be happy with what I have? Should you only eat ramen even though you can afford lobster, since there are people out there eating bugs?

Just because Sam is tolerable (key word here) in comparison to many of the other PBP guys in the league doesn't releive him of critcism or being replaced potentially. I think at this point MSG can do better. Like it or not people need to start accepting the Sam Rosen era will likey be over before too long.

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