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11-11-2013, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
Well the Flyers wanted(needed?) to get a goalie, and had to clear cap space, which led to the Carter deal. If you're trading Carter after signing him and his buddy Richards to basically lifetime contracts, you're probably not going to have a happy Richards(although he'd still bleed for whatever team he played for). Trade Carter, trade Richards somewhere else, and you don't have to deal with it.

At the time of those trades, the Flyers still had Pronger. He was a game changing player, even at an older age.

Pronger gets the career ending injury. They have that crazy series against Pittsburgh, and nothing has really gone their way since. Bryzgalov blows up. Pronger can't be replaced, but they trade van Riemsdyk for Schenn, then try and get Weber, but don't.

The Flyers are a franchise that lives by an owner wanting to win, and they die by an owner wanting to win. They can't seem to stop and regroup. They just keep trying things in the moment. It was easier to do that when there was no cap. No cap, they bring in a goalie, don't trade Carter, don't trade Richards, probably get Weber, with or without Pronger, etc, etc.
Problem is there was no need for a goalie. Bobrovsky was great. He just struggled in the playoffs in his rookie season. But Snider was embarassed by the Bruins (he still lives in the 1970s and has a stepchild mentality towards the original six) so he ousted his franchise players and overpaid for the best goalie on the market (who wasn't that good).

He manages his team like someone manages fantasy hockey. He has no concept of team chemistry or any intangibles other than beating people up. He thought if he plugged in some young guys who could score that would replace richie and carts. He thought he needed a goalie so he grabs the first one he can get. He needs younger defensemen? Trade JVR cause he had a subpar season. This is not a video game. He has a win now and a win later team at the same time.

Now he has the nerve to be complete clueless about why it's not working. I seriously cannot stand that old man and how he throws his players under the bus. He only cares about the broad street bullies (they are about to have another celebration party for them after unveiling another statue for them last year). Where's the stuff for Eric Lindros and John LeClair who owned the 90s? How about how you pissed all over Gagne who spent over ten years bleeding for that organization? They give his number away to some scrub and pretend he never existed. If you agree with Snider's philosophy and were a tough guy on the ice, you get a lifetime job. If not, well you can pound sand, the Flyers do not associate with your kind.

Seriously, **** that guy. Just thinking about his treatment of his players and how he lets the media harass them to death makes my blood boil.

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