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11-11-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by Ace Rothstein View Post
Wow, that's really strange considering they are in what will be a 20 year old stadium the year before they move.
I'm kind of pissed, to be honest. At all parties.

The city refused to build a Marta stop near Turner, so it is nearly impossible to get to that stadium during rush hour if you're coming from 10-15+ miles out, which is basically where the heart and soul of their fanbase lives. It was a dumb idea to put a stadium in that location to begin with, and this is the result of it. I don't blame the Braves for moving, hell, I'd do the same if I were them. It just frustrates me as a resident and tax payer that millions of dollars will now be tossed into the Braves new stadium, not to mention all the money being dumped into the Falcons new stadium (also unnecessary, but an argument can easier be made for their situation).

I'd bet the Braves attendance improves, but I don't think it will sky rocket like they're probably hoping it will with a move like this. I think they'd be smarter to buy a smaller stadium. I'm not exactly sure what the city plans are for the future where they will be moving, but currently public transportation only goes to where the new spot is via bus... but that's a big metro area, and the type of families that they pretty much market to, so a train to the stadium isn't a must need with the move.

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