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11-11-2013, 11:34 AM
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Originally Posted by KINGS17 View Post
I met a real nice guy from Vancouver in his late sixties about two months ago.

Being a real gentleman he congratulated me immediately on the Kings' winning the Stanley Cup upon learning that I was a Kings fan. He said that he hoped to see his team win one before he dies. Then I found out that the poor guy has cancer that while it is in remission, the doctors have told him will return someday. I wished him well and good luck on getting to see the Canucks win one.

He was the kind of guy that every fanbase wishes they had more of, and I told him that if he thought the window was closing he was more than welcome to join us over here. He thanked and told me what I already knew, real fans can't do that. I told him after 45 years I definitely understood.

If the Canucks ever win one, I hope this guy is still around to see it, but the rest of them can go to HE double hockey sticks.
I met the opposite in Vegas on my celebratory trip.

One of my bestest friends called me drunk from Laughlin right after the Kings traded for Richards and signed Gagne and told me that he was winning all kinds of money on
sports bets. I had him throw a chunk on the Kings at 15-1.

So, when they won, I told him I got the room and dinner. We went to Rao's and ate the Veal Parm of all Veal Parms

Right after dinner we were walking out of Caesars and I got called a bandwaggoner by this haggard lady. I asked her which fan she was a fan of guess which team?
Security came over because we got a little loud and I told security to keep an eye on her that she was going to burn Caesars to the ground. Security agreed with me and told her that she would be a better fit a Circus Circus with the other carnies!

Julius Caesar Milan:2
Canucks fans: 0

p.s. Raos opened a location in LA. If every one of you who is in So Cal doesn't try that place you are missing out.

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