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11-11-2013, 11:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Speaking of Collberg, he got 3 assists on Saturday in his U20 game. DLR got 1.

Still interesting how Collberg is so flat out dominant against players his own age, despite his struggles against adults. Maybe it's time he starts doing steroids or something. However, according to those who are better at number crunching than I am, Collberg's possession stats are quite good considering the circumstances, so the idea that he is completely lost out there against adults isn't true. So no, he's not a bust yet.

On the other hand, Lehkonen, despite no goal in 14 games, is generating 4 shots a game against adults despite only playing ~17 minutes a game on an awful team. He's shooting 3% right now. If he can stay healthy he will move up our depth chart quickly.
If Collberg would be playing in the CHL right now, we'd be calling the pick an incredible one. He would not have "McCarronned" (having trouble adapting...) or if he would, I believe his natural talent would have start much sooner to be as productive as we think he could be.

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