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01-21-2004, 11:22 AM
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Originally Posted by jimnevets
Have you noticed that when Montreal beats anyone, TSN will have a headline that makes it look like the other team was too tired, too injured or too pathetic. Each time it seems like Montreal should not have won but because the other team had problems, they managed to.

Like last night, yes the Flyers were banged-up but wasn't that on defence? If Montreal beat them 6-5 I could see a headline like that. The flyers still had all the offence that kicked the crap out of the Laffs but Montreal played very well defensively.
But very often you can hear CJ find excuses for the other team. You'll hear him humbly say : we caught them on a bad night but we took advantage, they've also got a lot of injuries, we took advantage of a tired and injured D corps by sending the puck in deep, etc. Like Bob ******** said it's a good thing to pass as the underdog and maybe CJ wants just that. It's not the time to be all cocky and stuff.

As for TSN not giving us enough credit... they're wrong. I guess they have to justify their bad power rankings :p

Besides it's all nice and dandy to say we are lucky and that we're winning because we catch teams on bad streak, injuries, etc but we still have to take advantage in those situations. What it says to me is that we have good coaching. CJ prepares his players well. He's aware of other teams weaknesses and the coaching staff passes that knowledge in just the right way to the players so that they are confident but not over confident.

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