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12-20-2006, 09:17 PM
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Originally Posted by JM47 View Post
Complaining doesn't get you out of the box. I used to ref and if someone argued a call too much the next marginal call was that much easier to make.
I do my best to not let it affect future penalty calls. If a player talks too much on the way to the box, I just make the 2-minute penalty into a 12-minute penalty (or a 4-minute penalty, depending on the severity of the comments and/or the level of hockey. Rec players will ALWAYS get 10 with me.), which makes me have to have another player serve the minor, thus said whiner player now has a teammate pissed off at him.

Handing out that dime usually does the trick. If the player gets another penalty and complains, that second 10-minute misconduct is an automatic Game Misconduct. Odds are said player will keep his mouth shut.

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