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Originally Posted by bauer View Post
can someone answer the question as to why it's always Homer that's giving updates on injured players? when on just about every other team in the league it's the coaches job to update injuries. i always found that odd. it's usually the coach who updates on the status of players. you rarely hear from GM's on other teams unless a trade or signing happens. never understood why Homer talks to the media so much when it's not his job too. even when Lavy was here the media would always go to Homer to ask for updates on players. it's so bizarre. anyone know why?
The Flyers medical staffs innovative treatment mean that only someone who has more spare time to read the reports can understand the injuries and inform the media of the treatment and injury itself. The coaches have to spend too much time neglecting one or several of the major aspects of Hockey for that. Holmgren has all afternoon off after spending the morning trying to trade 2nd rounders or robbing Nashville, Carolina or Columbus.

I mean, how could a coach who spends all week finding new ways for a Powerpley to suck, or how to ensure the team cannot make a breakout pass, possibly have the time to understand the complexities of the 'leave them in a bath until they nearly die' technique, or the 'lump on your neck? Nah, its fine, ignore it' technique of injury treatment? Let alone the complex medical jargon the Flyers use that is 'an upper body injury', and those famous but very complex 'lower body... oh no, concussion.' type injuries.

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