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Originally Posted by gamera View Post
anyone go to a bar called Soho after games? I met a guy the other day who bartends there (happened to be vacationing in Atlanta) and told me it is a great place to go. (and he said he'd buy me a drink )

any thoughts?
Depends on what you like Gamera. Like Gaf mentioned that bar is mostly mid to late 20's crowd. Never been there after a game but since it'll be a Saturday night...PACKED. Every bar on Chip should be pack in that area. Soho's is a stand around drinking, talk with your friends type of bar. Not much dancing if that's your flavor (I'd recommend Level if you really want to dance). Downtown Chippewa will usually have the more tarty dressed underaged girls w/ fake ID's. Not my taste but if you want a crowd, lots of music, drinking and bring cash...downtown Chippewa is your place. I stopped going there after I turned 20...

If you like being crammed in a place like a sardine, most of the Chippewa area bars are the place to be.

Mother's and Coulter Bay off of Delaware are geared to the late 20's-30's crowd.

All the bars on the Elmwood strip are essentially "dive-type" drinks, relax casual atmosphere.

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