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11-11-2013, 05:52 PM
Kidmograph tho.
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Originally Posted by Cresto View Post
You've just described the NBC crew which is like the worst crew ever assembled for a hockey production. That's not even a valid antidote. No one said others are perfect. You're spinning things just to shout.

"Not appreciating the past shows a lack of refinement"?

What is this? The Hallmark graduation card section?

No one is disrespecting Sam and his body of work. The point being made is that there can be an improvement to Sam via a replacement in the near future and considering the rate at which Sam is becoming less and less attentive to the way the game is being played and at times the game itself, MSG should consider finding a successor to Sam soon.

There's a difference between "great" or "likable" and skilled. Glen Sather is definitely a great in various aspects of his career. To use the "great" criterion you used, Glen should also keep his job indefinitely.

Stop taking things so personal. A valid point that you disagree with is still a valid point. Sam isn't as sharp as he was and should be.
THis! 100% Agree!

It's definitely no slight to Sam and his career to want someone who actually calls PBP versus flirting with Micheletti.

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