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Originally Posted by Ruckus007 View Post
Maybe this is better fit for one of the other Rolston threads but since it's here I'll comment here.

Without making a comment on Rolston's capabilities one way or the other, I find the concerns about deployment and combos to be not particularly relevant to his coaching evaluation.

Teams that are trying to win, and frankly have forward corps that is constructed with some logic, instead of just through together from leftovers and prospects, should care about combos and usage. That's conventional but I don't really care about it when it comes to the Sabres. Four lines have to be constructed somehow, you need to have players on the ice for each faceoff.
In a general sense I would agree but with the youngsters I completely disagree. I'll point to the recent use of Foligno. He's not a center and projects out to be a 2/3 winger. He needs to work on his offensive game and two way play overall. So why is Rolston plugging him in as our #2 center and matching him up against the likes of Getzlaf? What can possibly be gained for Foligno to be taken to school for several games now and to be in over his head at a position he will never play on a contending team. If you were going to use a young player in that role then why not use the young center in Larsson who tracks out to be a 3rd line two way defensive center. You know the type of center that is likely going to have that role down the road. Give that guy a little taste because at least that would make some sense. But the best solution would have been to use a vet that doesn't figure into our future plans as the center like Leino or Porter. They would just be filler to allow Foligno to go back to wing.

I actually think it's an advantage for this team to see as many players playing with each other, and in as many situations as possible. If we're being forced to evaluate this season as an extended training camp, isn't it worthwhile to get as much information as possible?
Rolston hasn't played a lot of combos together. So this "praise" makes no sense. Our top 4 dmen when healthy have been the same all season Pysyk/Hoff and Myers/Tallinder. The bottom pairing has changed a bit with injuries but when healthy it will likely by Weber/XXX

His special teams units don't have much variety either and he stays with lines for a very long team with the occasional minor tweaks.

So I guess I'm tad confused by this excitement you have over his experimenting with different combos. He also doesn't use a lot of different people in a lot of different situations. He just uses the wrong ones in certain situations.

Obvious Rolston wants to win, even if he (as a coach) and the roster (as constructed) isn't capable of winning much. But to worry about who is playing with who, and when, doesn't seem applicable to this team. I don't know if Rolston is doing this intentionally, but I for one hope it continues. I'm embracing this particularly non-conventionality
Its applicable to any team.

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