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01-21-2004, 11:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Estimated_Prophet
Wow! I am not a huge Hossa fan because I can't stand his indifferent attitude but there is no denying his talent. Do you really think that he was only drafted because of his last name? Perhaps he was a consensus 1st rounder because of his combination of size, skating, vision and shot. Look at Hossa's numbers in Portland and try and tell me that he did not look like a great prospect.

For the record there are no players currently playing in the ECHL that have Hossa's talent and don't use Ryder as an example because as far as pure skills are concerned Hossa is superior to Ryder. Ryder simply has a heart that is 10x the size of Hossa's heart.
Size ...and good numbers in the juniors doesnt make you a nhl level player !
Kilger is an another exemple of size and numbers in the juniors and look at him today !!! There is alot of good hockey players in the juniors that put up great stats but never reach the NHL because they are not complete players !
How can he shoot the puck ( with his great shot ) if he doesnt work is butt off to get the puck ... He never wins one on one in the corners always second on the puck and dont give me : he`s a center playing on the wing bla bla bla crap !
If he plays on the wing it is because there is more talent players than him on the farm an on the actual roster that are centers ! He`s very lazy and thats it !!!
Working hard ,being dedicated ,...cant be learn ; you are born with it and from what i`ve seen of this millionaire lazy player he doesnt have it and will never have also ! People drive me nuts when they say : " Well give the guy a chance ...he as potential... " For crying out lound how many times this guy has been called up and playing on the first line ? HE`S a wasted first round draft pick and a FLUKE for what I know !

Ryder went to the East Coast League because of the genius coach we had = Michel Therrien ! In my book Ryder his a complete player ; he works hard , shoots the puck , drives to the net , doesnt back off from any body a great guy to watch
on t.v. ! I hope he wins the Calder trophy because he deserve it and comes from a long way ! Hossa will never be able to climb the same mountain that Ryder climbed to be in the NHL ! He will give up before or maybe the Habs will give up on the guy !

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