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11-11-2013, 08:27 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
The point is this whole thing started because he failed to mention a hit. We have been on a win streak. What's the problem on the board? We've looked dominant and still things pop up to complain about.

I'm not taking it personally. It's irritating coming on here after a win and watching people continue to whine about absolutely nothing.

He makes mistakes on names sometimes. My point was so does every announcer.

He likes to reminisce and that bothers people. My point is he has a rich history of the club and of hockey in general. Pointing that out as negative shows a lack of refinement, yes. I don't know what else it would show. If you substitute that with someone who just does play by play you'll get people on here complaining that the announcer doesn't have enough personality and hockey knowledge.

I fail to see where Sam is being less and less attentive... His sharpness with names? Players change their jersey numbers. This season there are a lot of new faces, a lot of new jersey numbers. Every announcer struggles with this.

What else? That he should be describing what a "doozy" a hit is right after its made?

The point is why is this even a point. We won. Sam is as dynamic of an announcer as they come. He makes similar mistakes to all announcers.

What's next? Why don't we complain about the MSG closed captioning typist for making so many typos.

After that let's fire the organ player for playing the same song at every game.

Finally let's fire the equipment manager cause you can't see the sticks on the telecast.

Nothing is wrong with reminiscing, he just has bad timing for it.

You're exactly right. You fail to see how Sam is being less attentive.

Your straw man thing about the typist and organ player and equipment manager is making it seem like we want Sam fired and his head on a stick.

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