Thread: Player Discussion: Ducks Lineup Discussion (Part III)
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11-11-2013, 07:47 PM
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Originally Posted by 42 View Post
He was lights out for a whole season. I can think of one more - Steve Mason, who also took the league by storm. But he's had a nice bounce back this year. But I can't think of dozens of goalies.
Right, for a whole season the list is limited, but when you talk about 6 games? It's actually pretty significant. If you went back over the years on HFB alone, and looked around the 6-10 game mark, you'd probably find a bunch of threads about "so and so for Vezina?"

It's when the streak runs longer that it starts to get nationwide attention. 6 games is nothing. Really, it isn't.

I'm not saying it's irrelevant, but the sample size is so ridiculously small, and it's worth mentioning(just as it was last season with Fasth) that the team in front of him is playing good hockey.

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