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11-11-2013, 08:54 PM
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Originally Posted by penopekoo View Post
I certainly wouldn't count Collberg out. Swedish league stats are notoriously difficult to interpret, and it can certainly happen that a prospect doesn't get great icetime and then comes to NA and fares much better. He is still practicing, etc, with the team -- I don't think his development year is being completely wasted.

This year is a good opportunity for Thrower to be a leader on his team. He seems to be up to the challenge so far. I don't think we could have hoped for a better season for him (unless, I suppose, he was in the AHL).

Nystrom -- by all reports it's pretty impressive what he's doing with the Dogs given his age, even if his stats don't tell us much. Sounds like he works harder than Avtsin did, and the fact that he signed a PTO for 25 games shows commitment. Really too early to tell with him, though.

Vail/Bozon -- not sure what to think. I doubt either will be a top line scorer in the NHL, but what do I know! As for Hudon, could be anything from a Gallagher to a Corey Locke.

I'd say it's still one of our most intriguing drafts in quite some time.
As of now, if I'd be asked to have an opinion right away about certain players, I'd say that I don't expect Thrower and Bozon to ever make it. As most have said about Thrower, he does have a lot of things to go for him....but doesn't possess a great quality. And Bozon, well while he is seen as purely a scorer, I think that at the junior level you need to be more than that to "just" become a pure sniper at the NHL level. And I don't like his competitiveness or lack thereof. Some will say the same for Collberg though....he does possess an incredible quality which is an already NHL shot. Not a bad skater...problem right now do seem to be a question about his overall IQ of the game and how he'll do with the physical aspect of the game. But we'll see. Now....I did say that about Thrower and Bozon....but this is ONLY if I had to say something right now....Their progression isn't done. Might help both guys to have been traded. We'll see...too soon to give up.

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