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Originally Posted by jolly roger View Post
What does this say about an organization that would dump the Captain of The Mem Cup winner due to an injury? I think it says a lot. Was that really in the team's best interest?

Trey's departure will leave an absolutely massive hole - just look at how his teammates responded to the announcement on Twitter. But as you know, we can only carry three 20-year-olds per year. If he's an 18 or 19 year old then there's no question that he stays on the roster. But since his rehab is over, the Mooseheads had to make a decision about which of their 4 20s to keep. Trey's injury could flare up again at any time, and we'd be down two players instead of one. It's too much of a risk.

This isn't a normal injury that just needs rest and physical therapy. A labral tear will not heal until he gets surgery. Until he gets that surgery he's a ticking time bomb and given his willingness to play through extreme pain (played on a torn MCL in the playoffs last year), he could risk permanent injury.

He's hardly being "dumped." He found himself in the middle of an impossible situation where neither he nor the Mooseheads had many options. It's not fair to Lewis, but it's also not fair to Brendan Duke to keep him guessing about where he's going to be week to week. Now everyone knows where they stand. I actually wouldn't be surprised to see Duke's play improve now that he no longer has that decision looming over him.

This move makes it pretty clear to me that the Moose are going to go on another run this year and they won't be able to do that with an injured Lewis taking up a roster spot. I think if they had chosen to be sellers then they'd have kept Lewis and let him play for his leadership and grit in addition to the sentimental reasons.

The Mooseheads have a great reputation in the CHL as a team that treats its players very well. Cam Russell's done a good job maintaining a balance between loyalty to individual players and doing what's best for the team as a whole. It says a lot that Trey declined an offer to be traded to another Q team.

I would have absolutely loved to have seen Trey finish his junior career as a Moosehead, but this was the right decision. I hope they recognize his contributions in some way at Thursday's game.

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